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[Big client,
big statement]

[Redacted] is one of the leading global management consulting firms. (No, not that one. Or that one. Yes, that one.) But there was a sense complacency had set in. A renewed sense of competition brought ambitious goals for the brand. The firm wanted to show clients and prospects why working with [Redacted] felt different and elevate the expression of the brand to align with its growing aspirations. They wanted to signal [we’re contractually prevented from sharing].

We helped [Redacted] step up and out. We developed a new brand narrative for the firm that matches the scope of their ambitions, one that embraces their [adjective] culture. That new rallying cry became a springboard for a refreshed tone of voice and visual identity that capture their reclaimed confidence, highlight their [adjective] perspective and expand on the firm’s [adjective] heritage. It’s a brand that says [we’re contractually prevented from sharing].

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